About us

  • Background

    Being Champion Co., Ltd is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of high quality regular mono-filament mattresses, designed and built to meet and surpass the exacting standards expected by today’s medical service providers worldwide.

    Since 1988 Being Champion Co., Ltd. established its reputation for excellence in the field of quality sports footwear OEM, including the design and manufacture of shoes for soccer, jogging, hiking as well as casual and school use.    

    In 2004 our engineers responded to the unique demands of competitors taking part in indoor tug_of_war competitions, by producing the now famous range of ‘TOWS’  footwear.  Built specifically to cope with the extreme stresses of this sport, the TOWS range provide optimum support, grip and comfort to the indoor tug of war teams.

    Serious competitors demand the best and that is why they use TOWS from Being Champion Co., Ltd.

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  • Performance

    TOWS – the choice of champions!

    Our TOWS range has helped Taipei Jing Mei Girls High School and Taiwan teams win top spot at the World Championships 2010-2012, 2014, 2016 (TWIF). Other notable successes include:

    youtube film:
    TOWS deliver un-rivalled performance time and time again.

  • R&D story

    Applying Bio-Mimicry to modern lifestyles !  

    Our engineering team took nature’s best structural designs
    i.e. Birds nest, Loofah, Termitarium. and developed the unique mono-filament structure which quite simply delivers outstanding performance across all key metrics, time and time again.

  • Visionary

    In 2003 we recognised a number of issues for long-term bed-ridden patients who suffer both the harmful physical effects of bed sores, muscular issuesetc., and also the mental anguish and embarrassment from conditions such as incontinence or bed wetting. 

    This challenged and motivated us to think more as to how we could utilise our expertise to minimize the negative physical and mental impact of such conditions. 

    Relying on our experience in designing and manufacturing sporting footwear to meet specific and challenging demands e.g.TOWS, our team called upon this experience to develop a mattress material that gave excellent and evenly distributed support, was comfortable and breathable, had excellent quick drying and hygienic properties, while offering easy fitting, durability and with an Ecological item. 

    Impossible? Not for the Being Champion Co., Ltd. team who had a vision to create a product not only able to meet but to surpass the medical needs of today’s long-term bed-ridden patients. 

    The result of this vision is the Power Mattress!   As rigorous testing and long-term usage have proved, with its innovative regular mono-filament core, the Power Mattress has become the gold-standard for mattress performance. 

    The Power Mattress has set new levels of excellence in essential mattress metrics e.g. hygiene, quick drying, ventilation, comfort, reliability, durability and ease of washing. 

    The innovative technologies incorporated into the Power Mattress have revolutionised medical care and as a result helped restore dignity for the patient and reduced costly mattress care for the carer. 

    Power Mattress – satisfaction guaranteed through its unique engineered properties.